Born in California, raised in France, Malvina was part of a theater musical company in France from the age of 9 to 15. The following years she spent primarily on her education, resulting in a law degree. However, her desire was to return to stage. She worked at Euro Disney for 2 years and then decided to take her chances and moved to New York in 2010, where she co-wrote her first show "Love in Paris" and played at "Don't Tell Mama". She also sang at Carnegie Hall and Symphony Space as part of the Bridges Vocal Ensemble, an international choir.

1) Could you first tell please in some words a short history of your career? You are French, but you are living in London
I began with ballet when I was 4years old, started theater at 7, and at the age of 9 I was a part of a theater musical company (vocal class, theater, tap dance, ballet, jazz, contemporary) at "La Cie des enfants du spectacle"( Nice, France). I traveled a lot with ‘La Cie’.
Then, at 17 years old I stopped everything to do my bachelor and a law degree but my passion to be on stage was too big so i decide to move in London, took dance classes and auditioned for Euro Disney (Paris). I was a show and parade dancer for 2years. I wanted more, so I took advantage of my dual citizenship and moved to NYC. (I was born in California to French parents, so I have dual citizenship)
In New York I’ve done movies, shows, sang in an international choir and at Carnegie Hall, and co-wrote a show "Love in Paris" with a Brazilian friend at a Theatre called "Don't Tell Mama".
2) What kind of feeling is it for you that you can corporate your job with your passion?
The feeling to be alive. It’s pure energy and really makes me happy.
3) Have you always known that you wanna be an actress and singer at the same time?
I begin the musical theater at 9years old so to make a choice is really hard. I love to do everything, to act, to dance and to sing. I never wanted to make a choice. If I can do both, that's the best!
4) So, is it your dream job?
Yes of course, and actually, I’m working on an album as a singer/songwriter. If that works out I will be in heaven.
5) What is heart and soul for you?
Heart and soul for me is simply life. You go on stage with both and share what you feel, make people feel something that’s going to change this day in their lives...
6) If you could choose, which role you want to play in a theater/movie?
I would love to be an actress in a TV Show like “New Girl" and have the role of Jess. She's crazy! I like that.
7) Does it cost much efforts to play a specific role? How do you manage this?
Yes for sure it costs much effort. You need to become the character while you play a specific role. You need to eat, to walk, to order your coffee like the character would do, so for a period of time you're not there for the people in your actual life. Then, after its finished, you just need to have some moment to be yourself and to go out with your friends and boyfriend and here we go! I’m back.
8) What was your worst role?
In a movie for now, I never had a worst role but in theater musical for sure. I was doing "Charity" from Bob Fosse. I was in the ensemble and at one moment I was in the most ridiculous position of a dog moving my head side to side and singing at the same time. Since this day I stopped to audition for theater musicals...
9) It seems to be a hard business. Have you had a moment in your life, when you said you have to give up all?

It is a real hard business but I never gave up and I will never give up. This is my life...
The hardest role for me to play – was not to play at all. When you write music, compose, take something from the bottom of your heart and turn it into a piece of art, you expose yourself at a whole new level. A few months ago I auditioned my music in front of a producer. Just me and a piano. For the first time in my life I really found that this is the hardest role of all to prepare for, the one where you are “just” yourself.
10) What are your next projects?
I'm currently preparing my recording debut in NYC as a singer/songwriter
11) Where can people find more information about you? Website...
On Facebook, as “Malvina Maury”,  but as a singer/songwriter I’m going to redo my website this summer. It will be under the name “Satie”. It will be great!