1.  Dear Andreea, you are a opera vocalist. How did you find out that you want to do this profession?
I was singing pop music.I had absolutely no interest in opera.Then I sang to my voice teacher 'Time to say goodbye ' and I remember him being a bit shocked.Afterwards,he told me I should give it a try.I said to myself 'why not',and that's how I ended up singing opera.

2. What is the difference in the daily business between opera and Pop Music? How do you prepare your voice before a concert? 
Well,opera requires a lot of effort,both physical and mental.First of all,you don't have a microphone. You have to project your voice over the orchestra and chorus.But the business is basically the same. Before a concert,I stretch/workout and I vocalize for 10 minutes.

3. Do you have to pay attention in what you drink and eat before you sing?
No.I try to be normal.Of course,I won't drink cold water before I sing. But that's it.

4. What operea roles did you already play?
.I have already sung Olga,in 'Eugene Onegin ', Dido in 'Dido &Aeneas ' , La Badessa in 'Suor Angelica ' , The Third Lady in 'The Magic Flute '.I also sang in musicals: Mrs. Pearce,in 'My Fair Lady'.

5. Which is your favorite opera?
My favorite opera is 'Norma', by Vincenzo Bellini. I find it surreal. A beauty that cannot be touched.

6. What ist your favorite role to sing and why?
My favorite role is the one I sing now: Dorabella, in Mozart's 'Cosi fan tutte '.I love it because the libretto is wonderfully written,with some subtext that will make you reconsider the 18th century. Those people surely knew how to amuse themselves. I love this role because it's very realistic. It does not idealize humans;on the contrary. It's like a mirror:look at us,we are all basically the same (but without being moralizing).

7. Do you sing furthermore in a Popm Band?
No,I don't sing pop music anymore. Not because I don't want to.I don't have the time.But I listen to it.More than I listen to opera,actually.

8. You are working in Bukarest? Can you say us more about the working and living there?
Yes,I work at the Comic Opera for Children. I auditioned there two years ago ,and they took me in.I am very grateful,because it's difficult to find someone who believes in you when you are just starting out and you have little experience. As for living in Bucharest,it's great.It changed a lot in the last years(for the better).

9. What is your dream? Where do you want to sing operas later?
.I try to live in the present,because life can be very unpredictable. Of course,every opera singer dreams of a career on the most famous stages,but I am extremely happy just to perform ,no matter where.I would love to sing in Italy,because that country is amazing.

10. Where can we find more about you in the web? 
You can find more about my performances on:

Thanks very much for the interview:-)